Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay?

does home depot accept apple pay?

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay?

When it comes to our money, security is the most crucial things one can think of. However, despite any security measures taken, robbers and looters have always been there, in every era. From the government to the privately-run businesses, everyone has come up with ideas to upgrade the security system and create an unbeatable system. The present generation is luckier than our ancestors, though.
Recently, technology companies have deduced a way with which money can be transferred from one person to another; without any breach. Apple Pay; introduced by Apple Inc., is one such technology. Apple Pay allows iPhone users from all over the world to secure their payments. It uses near field communication (NFC) chips, which are there in iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. The chips can be activated when the device is placed near a card reader. Even better, Apple Pay can also be used online through apps.
This payment method is such convenient and advanced that a lot of businesses are offering their customers that option of paying through Apple Pay. Apparently, Apple Pay’s revolutionary payment method can allow faster and trouble free business environment.
Even though Apple Pay covers a lot of the questions which previous payment methods may not have covered, it still has some issues. Currently, there have been many cases where Apple Pay has not worked. Many customers have complained that the app was not working when they tried to make a payment. These types of issues are normal for a new technology, though they cause embarrassment for the client at crucial moments, when they are in a queue and trying to make a payment.

Does Every Business Accept Apple Pay?

The question is does every business support Apple Pay? Apparently, some do, some do not. Home Depot, considered the largest retailer for home improvement products has reportedly passed a statement on Reddit, stating that they will not accept Apple Pay at both their local stores and online.
Home Depot never gave any clear reason why it was discontinuing support for Apple Pay. Though, some critics pointed out that in its original statement Home Depot had mentioned PayPal as an alternative. This statement was made in 2015 and in recently it was reported by different sources that Home Depot is taking Apple Pay at certain stores.

How Should Home Depot Customers Pay Then?

Apparently, there have always been many different modes of payment. Apple Pay however, has brought a modernistic approach by using the NFC technology. People longer have to use cash or plastic cards.
They can simply make the payment by swiping their device at the card reader. By banning Apple Pay, Home Depot has also banned NFC at their retail outlets. Customers are now left with more traditional options; like VISA, American Express, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal.
How To Make An Online Payment Through Visa, Mastercard, And American Express And Discover
1- Click on the payments page.
2- Once the payments page opens, enter your shipping address. This will allow Home Depot to make an estimate of your shipping price and enter this information in your bill.
3- Keep in mind that you have to carefully enter the exact address where you want your order shipped. This can be different from your billing address.
4- When the webpage gives you options of payment, choose Credit as your payment method. Often, the credit card processor is not listed in the options. In such cases, you’ll simply have to use another mode of credit.
5- Enter your credit card information. This information is mentioned on your credit card. Check it and enter the credit card number, expiry date and the security code. In case of MasterCard,Visa, and Discover, there will be a three digit security code mentioned at the back of the card. And in case of an American Express card, a four digit security code will be printed on the front right of the card.
6- Note that customers who are using Home Depot’s credit card will not be asked for a security code.
7- Carefully enter the correct billing address. A billing address is one where you will receive your credit card statement. This address may, or may not be different from your shipping address. You need to be careful when entering the billing address; you can double check the information from the previous credit card statement.
8- Click on “Make a Payment” at the “Payments” section.
How To Make Payment Through PayPal
1- Shop your items online and add them to your cart.
2- Once you are done shopping, simply press the “Purchase” button.
3- After clicking on the “Purchase” button, a page will be displayed showing different methods of payment. Select PayPal as an option.
4- Once you land on the PayPal login screen, enter your details to log in to your account.
5- Fill in your details.
6- Press “Send Payment” and complete the payment process.
The above options are the most commonly used, among customers. However, Home Depot also has a line of credit cards. Two of them are for individuals and two are for businesses. Let’s take a look at them.

Consumer Credit Card

This is the type of card; regular customers normally have in their wallets at all time. Home Depot offers a 0% interest for six months plus various other options to attract customers. These options however, are for purchases over $299.
Most customers would find this attractive, even though the 0% interest policy comes with a catch. 0% means that you have to pay your balance within six months; otherwise the bank would charge you the full interest for the past six months.

Project Loan Card

The other option for consumers is the Project Loan Card. This is for those customers who want to go through a large renovation project. This credit card has credit lines of up to $55,000. There are no annual fees and customers have as much as 84 months to pay all of their balance. It also allows a six month buying window to make a product purchase.
This card has an interest rate of 7.99%. Additionally, it has no extra perks and benefits for the customers. Hence, this card is a typical credit card and the interest rate makes it look more like a loan.


While Apple Pay could have been an ideal option of payment for Home Depot customers, it has not materialised. However, Home Depot continues to be the best option for home improvement products and there are other payment methods available.
The article above has discussed at length the other payment options for the benefit of Home Depot’s clients.