How To Unsubscribe From Dollar Shave Club

How To Unsubscribe From Dollar Shave Club

What exactly is Dollar Shave and are there are specific reasons as to why it is quite popular amongst certain sections of the consumers? Put in plain and simple words, Dollar Shave Club is a firm based out of Venice, California, USA. It is into the business of delivering razors and other grooming products to its customers by mail. It has a number of options, packages and offers. Customers get monthly refills of razors and also have a number of other grooming products in its list. While there are some hardcore believers in this model of marketing, there are others who are not very keen about the products and the way in which they approach their customers. So, it is a mixed bag as far as perceptions and overall opinions are concerned.

The Main Features Of The Dollar Shave Club

The main objective of this business plan is to ensure that the customers get their regular refills of razors and other allied items on a regular basis. Given the busy life style that many of us have, it is quite possible that we might forget buying these razors and other such related items. In such cases, having it refilled and sent to us on a specific day of each month is certainly not a bad idea. Why there are other such standing order programs already in place, many people believe that it is unique in many ways. The ease of getting started, the decent quality of the products and the reasonable price in which they are all available are a few important points which perhaps make them popular.

However there are some downsides and many customers are not exactly happy with the products which they offer and the quality at times leaves much to be desired. Further there also have been instances where the refills have not arrived on time. The refund policies also have not been adhered to as well as they should have been. Therefore it is not very surprising when we see many customers try to get out of this scheme. While logging in and being part of the scheme is quite easy, there are many who perhaps are not aware of the way in which they should get out of the same. Hence, we are sharing some ways and means by which you can get to answer the question how to unsubscribe from dollar shave club. We hope it will helpful for all those who are not very keen on continuing with them.


It is A Three Step Process

The whole process of unsubscribing from dollar shave club is not very tough if you have principally decided to do so. The whole process is about logging in. The website allows you to log in to your account with the help of a mail and with the pin or password. These would most certainly be required while creating the account and the same would be needed when you to wish to unsubscribe from dollar shave club. Once you have logged in you have to follow these three simple steps to deactivate or unsubscribe from your account.

Step 1 – Ensure that you are logged in. The steps mentioned above should be carried through to its logical conclusion. This will ensure that you are logged in to your account securely and totally.

Step 2 – Once logged in, you have to select the membership option. This might be a bit of a search but if you look around you will come across the Membership Options. This link is available at the bottoms of the page.

Step 3 – The Membership Option button has quite a few choices and you must be sure that you have chosen the right one. There is an option known as Stop Subscription. This has to be activated and the instructions provided therein must be followed closely. There are some time limits within which the cancellation must be initiated in the form of a request. The request must be received on the first day of the month. Cancellation requests received after the first day of the month are processed in the next month and this certainly is a drag. This is because you will have to pay for the remaining 29 or 30 days, though given a choice you would have loved to get out of it forthwith. Hence, there are many customers who feel that


Why Cancellation Would Be Required

There are many reasons as to why people would like to cancel their subscription. There are many men who shave only once a week. Such customers may have got into the program just out of curiosity. They could have ended up having many pieces of shaving sticks and razors. There could be others who might have had problems with delivery schedules, quality of the products and non-adherence to warranty and guarantee terms and conditions amongst other such problems.

Does The Company Provide All The Information

The reason why people look for guidance for unsubscribing from the Dollar Shave Club could be because of a number of reasons. First and foremost, the details provided in the website of the company according to many are not exactly clear and transparent. There are many gray areas of information which could be confusing for the customers. This is because the marketers perhaps would like to make things not too easy for their customers when it comes to disengaging or unsubscribing from these offers.

However, if one looks around they will be able to come across many such sources of information. They could particularly be of use to customers who have busy schedules and may not be able to discover the various avenues through which unsubscribing to offers might be possible. We are hopeful that the information provided above could go a long way in finding out a simple, proven, time-tested and reliable way of unsubscribing from the Dollar Shave Club.

We need to bear in mind that this does mean that aspersions are being caused about Dollar Shave Club. The information provided above are just to help the readers to have some reasonably good idea about the various ways which they could disengage from the online supplier should they desire to do so.