How to Use Kohl’s Merchandise Credit Online

How to Use Kohl’s Merchandise Credit Online

Ordering from Kohl’s online has been made more convenient and a number of methods are available for payment. You can either use a valid Kohl’s charge card or any major credit card to do so.
Or if you prefer, prepaid gifts cards, Kohl’s Merchandise Credit (KMC) or even Kohl’s Gift Card can be used. This article will focus on how you can use Kohl’s Merchandise Credit to make your online purchases.

What is Kohl’s Merchandise Credit?

For one reason or another, you may have discovered that an item you purchased at a store does not exactly pack your desired specifications. In such situations, the only recourse to you as a buyer is to return it to the store and possibly get your money back [what’ popularly referred to as a money-back guarantee]. Kohl’s Merchandise Credit is issued when an item is returned to the store. Instead of refunding money to you or crediting the amount to your card, you are issued merchandise credit which you can use to purchase other items from Kohl’s, or even for Kohl’s online shopping payments.
This is done especially when the customer wishes to make a return but is unable to provide a receipt, or if a check was used to make the purchase. Its use is similar to a gift card, however, some details like the specific card type and expiration dates may vary. This is a good option for loyal Kohl’s customers who have no problem with making another purchase from the store.

Checking Your Balance

To save you the hassle of keeping track of a paper receipt, Kohl’s Merchandise Credit is issued on a gift card. Therefore, you will be able to use your it in manner similar to that of a gift card. Checking your balance is just like checking a gift card balance. There are three methods of doing this.
1. Visit any Kohl’s store and ask a cashier to check your card’s balance
2. Check it online
3. Call the Kohl’s toll free number and a representative will help you out
There is also a Kohl’s app available which will allow you to check your balance, along with a host of additional features.

Using KMC for an Online Purchase

Make your purchases as usual from the Kohl’s online store. At checkout, you will be required to submit payment details. You’ll need to have to KMC card nearby for this part.
The card that your KMC is issued on should have a PIN. You will be required to scratch off a coating on the back of the card to access this. You will then need to enter the card number exactly as it appears on your card. Enter your four digit pin and then click “Apply”. A maximum of four Kohl’s Merchandise-Credit gift cards can be applied to any one order.
Unfortunately, if you have been issued a Kohl’s Merchandise-Credit gift card without a PIN, you will not be able to use it to make an online purchase. You do, however, have the option of making an in-store purchase. You may also visit the Customer Service desk at your nearest Kohl’s location and exchange your non-PIN card for one with a PIN.
You will still need to have a debit/credit card attached to your account in order for your order to be successfully processed. This true even if your Kohl’s Merchandise-Credit covers the full amount of the order.


Generally, customers interested in utilizing their Kohl’s Merchandise Credit online may have a few queries. Some of the are addressed below.
Can I trade in my Kohl’s Merchandise Credit for cash?
No. Your KMC may only be used to purchase items in store or online
Can I use Kohl’s Merchandise Credit to make payments to my Kohl’s Charge Account?
No. These payments can be made at every Kohl’s store or usng Kohl’s Cares Gift Card. You can also use the automated telephone system, or online the the My Kohl’s Charge portal.
Can I apply more than one Kohl’s Merchandise Credit cards to my online purchase?
Yes. Up to four cards may be used per order.
Do I earn Kohl’s Merchandise Credit with every return?
No. Kohl’s Merchandise Credit is usually awarded when a return is made without the original receipt or when the item(s) was paid for via check. If the receipt is produced, you can get a cash refund or an even exchange.
Can I earn Kohl’s Merchandise Credit if I return Online Purchases?
Yes. However the quickest method is to return these to the service desk of any Kohl’s store, as they will not be accepted by mail. All you will need is the item you’re returning along with the order invoice. If applicable, Kohl’s Merchandise Credit may be awarded.

What else can Kohl’s Merchandise Credit be used for?

In addition to online purchases, Kohl’s Merchandise Credit can be used to make in-store purchases of equal or lesser value.
If my Kohl’s Merchandise Credit card doesn’t have a PIN, can I still make online purchases with it?
No. You will need to use it for an in store purchase or switch it for a card with a PIN.
Can my KMC expire?
No. You’ll be able to redeem your Kohl’s Merchandise Credit for online or in store purchases at any time. Be sure not to lose the card though!
Is there a time limit on returns?
No. The Kohl’s Hassle Free return policy allows returns at any time after purchase, with the exception of “Premium Electronics” which come with a 30-day return policy.
Can I be Awarded Kohl’s Merchandise Credit online?
No. This is awarded at the customer service desk after being deemed eligible according to the nature of your return.
Can Kohl’s Merchandise Credit be gifted to me by another person?
No. It is not a gift card. It is distributed by Kohl’s to eligble customers.
Using your Kohl’s Merchandise Credit for online purchases is a relatively simple process, though it requires certain provisions.
Provided that you utilize the information above, you will be able to understand the instances in which you may receive Kohl’s Merchandise Credit, and how it can be utilized to enhance your shopping experience. Happy returning and happy online shopping!