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Tails logoIn 2013, a few people got together to turn the idea of ​​a veterinarian into reality. The problem to be solved? The overwhelming selection of dog food varieties on the supermarket shelf. Long, incomprehensible contents did not make the choice easier – it had to be easier. So Tails.com was born. A team of veterinarians, nutrition experts and developers (and of course their dogs) developed a super-intelligent system to produce the optimal food for each dog, individually tailored to its needs. Age, race, lifestyle, taste preferences and health problems, the Tails.com team wanted to know exactly – because this was the only way to give their food a satisfied tail wag. It wasn’t long before Tails hit the food bowls in the UK. Five years after it was founded, millions of servings have been delivered to thousands of happy dogs and their owners. An “Excellent” on trustpilot.com was not long in coming. But why only make dogs and masters happy in England? Dog owners from Germany can now benefit from the flexible feed subscriptions without a fixed term. The free profile of your dog on tails.com contributes to an optimal, healthy and 100% individual feed mixture and is conveniently delivered to you once a month. Convince yourself now with a free trial month or the trial package for at least 14 days. Find out more about Tails.com, your savings options and get one of our Tails vouchers and Tails discounts that we put together for you in September.

Tails home page

Redeem Tails.com vouchers & discounts: Here’s how

How do I redeem a Tails.com voucher? Have you discovered a Tails voucher, a Tails discount or a promotional code on tails.com or got hold of it in our voucher portal and now want to use this coupon? If you like a Tails voucher from our voucher portal, click there directly on the “Show offer” button and follow the navigation. A gift voucher is currently not available on tails.com. You can find out how to use the free trial period and redeem your Tails voucher 2020 quickly and easily here:

  1. Have your discount code, promotion code or Tails voucher code ready
  2. Click on the “TRY NOW” button on the home page
  3. Create a free profile for your dog
  4. Tails calculates the optimal feed mix for your dog
  5. Click on “My Price” and select the “Test Price”
  6. Tails offers the latest discounts and promotional codes automatically
  7. Under the total amount, make out the line “Do you have a different promotion code?”
  8. Leave the automatic promotion code or enter your code in the highlighted field
  9. Confirm the code with the “Apply code” button
  10. The Tails discounts are immediately deducted from the total amount
  11. Enter your payment details and complete the order successfully

Tails voucher

What savings are there?

In our voucher portal we always have the latest Tails vouchers and Tails discounts ready for you, but Tails.com itself also offers various discounts and bargains online. The best way to get to know new products is to try them out. Tails enables you with his Trial packagewhich contains dog food for at least 14 days. First create a free profile for your dog and Tails creates the optimal mix of different, high-quality ingredients. Here is a small overview of all the savings options and benefits on tails.com:

  • Free trial package (plus shipping)
  • Free Tails newsletter
  • 50% discount on wet food with the trial subscription
  • Create a free profile for one or more dogs
  • 1 million possible combinations of high quality and natural ingredients
  • Developed with veterinarians and nutritionists
  • 100% flexible subscription: Change, pause or stop at any time
  • Free extras such as a portion scoop
  • Occasional free samples and tips for saving
  • Good for the environment: invoices and credit notes only in electronic form
  • 10 € discount for referring friends
  • Free returns in the event of defects
  • Tails Voucher Code & Coupon
  • Discount codes & promotional codes

Subscribe now to the free Tails newsletter and look forward to the latest news from the cooperating veterinarians and nutritionists. You will also receive product information and tips on animal care and seasonal updates and be the first to find out about limited savings offers. Cancel anytime.

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Tails prices

Which redemption conditions have to be observed?

The Tails.com vouchers, promotional codes and discount codes can come with different redemption conditions. Many offers and discounts are only valid for a certain period of time or can only be redeemed by new customers. You can find out which conditions apply to the Tails vouchers from our voucher portal by clicking on the relevant voucher without obligation. Here is a list of which redemption conditions can still apply to the Tails discounts:

  • Only one promotional code or Tails voucher code can be redeemed per order
  • Tails vouchers and promotional codes are only valid for a certain period of time
  • It is possible that offers that have already been reduced are excluded from redemption
  • Coupons and discount codes may require a minimum order value
  • Some Tails discounts require a described action
  • Some Tails discounts are only for new customers
  • Most of the promotional codes can be redeemed for new and existing customers
  • Discounts and vouchers are generally not paid out in cash

Tails advantages

Tails.com at a glance

offerFlexible feed subscription for dogs of all kinds without a fixed term
Individual feed compositions of the highest quality
Developed with veterinarians and nutritionists
Dry food, wet food, raw food & puppy food
Hypoallergenic mixtures
Mixtures for sensitive stomachs, weight control, pancreatitis and many more
Create a free dog profile
Trial package (for at least 14 days)
CompaniesTailsco Limited
Payment methodsCredit card
Direct debit
serviceTrusted Shops guarantee
Free returns
telephone hotline
Email support
Facebook Messenger
contact form
ExtrasVery good customer reviews
Free Tails newsletter
Free extras
Refer a Friend
Savings opportunitiesFree trial package
Discounts on a trial subscription
Free samples and tips for saving
Tails Voucher Code & Coupon
Discount code & promotional code
Social mediaFacebook

Tails offers

Shipping, delivery terms & returns

What are the shipping costs on tails.com? In the Tails online shop you will get one for each delivery within Germany Flat rate shipping costs calculated from about 4 €. This is also charged for deliveries of the free trial order. Tails.com uses as a shipping partner Hermes. The first date of delivery you can determine it yourself in the ordering process, but no earlier than about 7 days after placing the order.

Tails.com delivers you once a month the tailor-made food for your dog. The package can also be left in a safe place if you are not at home. For puppies under 14 weeks of age, deliveries are made every two weeks. Deliveries can be postponed, paused or stopped at any time using the free customer account or profile.

In the event of a revocation, the costs of the return must be borne by the customer, because the feed mixtures are individually tailored to this particular dog. However, if the delivered goods have defects, the Return for you free.

Tails shipping partner

Flexible payment options

How do I pay on tails.com? Tails offers the following payment options: credit card, PayPal and direct debit. So you can easily choose your preferred payment method. With the payment method Credit card Tails accepts the cards Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

To the payment method PayPal To be able to use, you should either already have a PayPal account of your own, or create one with little and one-time effort. This can be done quickly in the ordering process or at www.paypal.com.

The payment method Direct debit is a convenient payment by specifying the account number and bank code. All you need for this is a bank account with a German bank.

Tails payment methods

Helpful support

How do I get in touch with Tails? Useful information on managing the customer account, ordering, shipping and the FAQ can be found under “Help”. If you scroll down there completely and click on “E-Mail” you can do that contact form use for written inquiries. You can email your message to the Tails Service Team at hello@tails.com or via the Facebook Messenger Make contact.

If you prefer to contact us by phone, you can contact the Tails Service Team Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Hotline number (+49) 225 1954 9010 to reach. Regardless of what it is about, Tails customer service will take care of your concerns as quickly as possible and will be happy to advise you.

Social media

If you are interested in individual and high-quality dog ​​food and don’t want to miss any news about Tails, we recommend next to this free Tails newsletter also the Tails.com social media profiles Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Like and comment on posts and benefit from the experience of other Tails customers.