When Does Black Friday Happen?


when does black friday happen

When Does Black Friday Happen?

The day when doing Black Friday happen? When did the world of retail shopping really start? Where did the idea of huge sales and massive discounts and package deals really come from? The truth is that Black Friday never really happened on its own.

The actual date when Black Friday really came into being has a little bit of background. It was actually a compromise between two different organizations. Retailers and manufacturers wanted to keep Thanksgiving Day special, so they decided to mark it a Friday in November. The problem was that many consumers didn’t have a lot of extra money at that time of year. They needed a way to get all of their shopping done before Thanksgiving Day arrived, and they didn’t care whether or not Black Friday happened.

So the two sides met and made a deal to change the date. They still had the holiday in November but instead of selling everything on the same day, they started the shopping for the big deals and sales on the first day of the year. This was a nice compromise, because it allowed people to save money, and they still had the holidays they wanted.

So how did this deal work out for everyone? Well, for one thing, it gave retailers a chance to really blow off steam in the months leading up to Christmas. They could let their employees go home early and play basketball in the driveway instead of worrying about getting to the store on time. It also gave consumers more shopping options than ever before. You could buy practically anything on the first day of the year, and if you weren’t shopping, you were probably sitting in front of your TV watching football.

Black Friday eventually became known as “Christmas,” and it turned out to be a very good thing. Not only did it give shoppers more shopping options, but it also gave them more discounts. The day actually made itself popular, and the sale fever spread quickly from cities all over the country to major cities like Chicago. But what really helped make Black Friday into a major holiday was when it was added to the schedule of the infamous “Fridays” at the end of October.

Retailers didn’t have any problems adjusting their schedules to make room for “Fridays” with “Black Friday.” And consumers didn’t have a problem complying. It was a great combination. So, next time you’re wondering when does black Friday happen, remember when the big stores are having their biggest sales of the year. Happy shopping!