Where Black Friday Get Its Name?


where black friday get its name

Where Black Friday Get Its Name?

Where does Black Friday get its name? It is a simple question. Black Friday is a holiday that has been named by one of the most recognized merchants in the world and one that is celebrated on one day each year. The name has become synonymous with the day and has come to mean “the day after Thanksgiving”, “the day after Christmas” or “the Day After,” and has even been used in television commercials.

Why is it so popular? Well, aside from the obvious fact that it provides the perfect day for consumers to get their shopping done before the end of the year, it has become popular because of its reputation as being a very quiet, and arguably, money-saving day. Retailers love Black Friday because it allows them to take advantage of people who love shopping late into the night. It is not uncommon for individuals to spend several hours per evening shopping at these types of stores, and many businesses love this because it means they do not have to pay overtime costs to keep the lights on.

What does one do on this day? Well, one can buy anything they want. The name of the day is taken from an old New York Times quote that stated, “The stores are closed until Friday.” While this causes traffic problems on the weekends, especially during major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, it also causes chaos on the daily and weekly weekends. Everyone is rushing out of their stores by the time the stores open, and many people do not even make it to their favorite stores until Friday morning.

In addition to the crazy rush to get out of the store by the time the sun rises, there is also excitement over the deals that will be available. The top retail companies spend millions marketing for this day, and the competition is quite fierce. This means that every business tries to get the biggest percentage of the pie. In addition, stores are also open late, and customers are not limited to shopping in their favorite stores on this special day. They can shop at other locations as well, because a lot of business will be conducted online. Online sales are up forty percent over last year, and many people are taking advantage of this increase in revenue.

So where does Black Friday get its name? It has roots in an old New York Times quote that stated, “The rush, which seemed to begin on the morning of Thanksgiving, seemed to have been building all afternoon.” The reason that it got the name Black Friday is because of the fact that many stores began closing early on that day in order to avoid a huge crowd of buyers. A police officer was dispatched, and the crowd was cornered outside of many stores. As the policeman was leading the crowd away, they were pelted with birdshot. The policeman did not fire his weapon that day; however, several shots were fired that day by an off-duty police officer at a different store.

The name of the day has changed over the years, but the spirit behind it remains the same. No one enjoys shopping on Black Friday. It is often one of the busiest days of the year for business, and a lot of people dread it.